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The Perfect Resume Writer Certification Course

Job-seekers in Arizona looking for the most efficient way to get a job they love. 

The Perfect Resume Writing Certification Course is the only program in Arizona designed to help resume writers educate and empower job-seekers to secure a job they love.


We give you all of the tools necessary to write an amazing resume that will help job seekers land their dream jobs. so, you can be confident knowing that this course has been created by experts who have helped thousands of people find their perfect career path, so it's guaranteed to work for you too!


Click on the Enroll Now button below and start learning how to write a perfect resume today!


What is it like being a Certified Resume Writer: Melissa Peacock's Journey

It's not every day you find a job that changes your life. When I was at a crossroads in my corporate career, I was like our clients, finding it frustrating in a role where my skills were not valued. I was working in a toxic environment, struggling to pay for the basic necessities in life, struggling to find time to look after my family, let alone myself and unhappy. While my degrees and corporate experience provided me with a range of skills that had helped me become a leader, they didn't give me a work/life balance or the job satisfaction that I craved.


In October 2017, I eventually found the courage to quit my comfy government position! I was determined to find myself and my true calling. What I wasn't prepared for was how hard it was to secure a new job! Like many of our clients, I had secured job after job through networking. While I was in charge of hiring people for many years, writing a resume about myself was surprisingly really hard! I was also faced with a myriad of unsuccessful emails for jobs that I was clearly qualified to do.

I knew I was doing something wrong!

I learnt everything there was to learn about 'how to write a resume' and I eventually found success, however, I also discovered how deeply rewarding it was to write resumes that worked for other people. For the first time in my life, I had:

🗸 A successful work/life balance
🗸 Flexible work from home setting that I could structure around my family commitments
🗸 Chance to go on holidays without asking a boss for approval
🗸 A job where I could sleep in, rock up late and not get punished for it!

So, I took the plunge and founded The Perfect Resume - an online resume writing service aimed at helping people improve their marketability and gain employment they love. Since then, I have helped thousands of people across Australia to find work that suits them and grown the team from 1 aka me to many resume writers who, just like me, find helping people extremely gratifying. 

After building the team and reviewing tens of thousands of resumes every year, it became evident that there are resume writers getting paid to write for clients who do not have the industry knowledge, have poor English or receiving out of date information. Therefore, The Perfect Resume Writer Certification Course is designed to keep you up to date with the latest applicant tracking system (ATS) standards and writing best practices to increase your client's success rates from 2.3% (Seek) to 96% (actual client data).

The only certification program in Arizona that is designed to educate and empower job-seekers to secure a job they love, The Perfect Resume Writer Certificate Course offers you the most comprehensive list of benefits, including: 

  • Step-by-step tips on resume crafting from qualified, experienced writers with 40+ accumulative years of HR and recruitment expertise.

  • Access to a comprehensive suite of training materials, including videos, PDFs, templates and a library full of thousands of resumes, 10,000+ skill statements and more - saving you 6+ hours on writing executive level resumes.

  • Support from staff who are available 7-days per week, allowing you to quickly turnaround orders and never feel disconnected or alone.

  • A printable certificate to apply for positions as a Qualified Professional Resume Writer or be your own boss.


Regardless if you have never written a resume but find you have a natural talent for writing or already started your journey as a resume writer, this course will give you the confidence you need to:

🗸 Charge more for your work so you can find financial freedom
🗸 Work from home with a healthy work/life balance and live life on your terms
🗸 Earn a substantial income, despite working flexible hours

In this course, we aim to spare you years of work in trial and error and eliminate the need to essentially "play" with job seekers livelihoods while you learn everything there is to know about writing a resume. Instead, you can chat with any one of our supportive and dedicated writers, learn resume writing best practices from the experts, save an enormous amount of writing time with a comprehensive library of templates, thousands of resumes and resources so you can receive 5-star reviews from all your clients.

Would you like to work from home or from anywhere around the world and still make a decent income? Would you like to earn some extra money without any sleazy sales tactics? 

At The Perfect Resume, we help candidates showcase their talents on paper and build the confidence to secure an interview with a 96% success rate. Daily, we receive emails from clients telling us how grateful they are. So, if I'm being honest, on behalf of the team, we’re thrilled you are here to discover how meaningful and rewarding being a professional resume writer is. Personally, helping people to achieve their career aspirations has been more rewarding than all my 15+ years in the corporate, NFP and Government roles put together! 

How can you become one of the leading industry's elite Professional Resume Writers?

If you would like to learn how to write The Perfect Resume for your clients. A resume that gets the hiring manager's attention and helps clients secure the job they want, The Perfect Resume Writer Certification Course is for you.

What you will learn

Over 6-months, you will work with real clients and 1:1 with a Career Consultant to learn how to:

  • Increase the chances of everyone from graduate, entry to experienced level professionals and executives in all industries to stand out from the competition by writing an achievement-oriented resume with the proper adjectives and verbs.

  • Grasp the hiring manager's attention by knowing how to match the candidate’s specific, marketable skills and traits to an advertised position.

  • Eliminate the common recruiter biases that affect a candidate from getting a job by understanding the different sections of the resume and learning which experiences and sections to include or exclude.

  • Optimise the chances of the resume being seen by a human by understanding what an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is and the tricks to get around them.

Are you a good fit to be a Certified TPR (CTPR) Writer?

Firstly, this is not a course for people with limited English communication skills. You MUST be able to read client content, research industry information and use these details to convey the client's career highlights in a way that is relevant, concise and engaging. 

It is also not for sensitive individuals who take things personally or find it difficult to receive feedback - being successful in this position means that you’ll receive criticism from clients about your work and be able to offer unlimited revisions until they are 100% confident to use the documents to apply for a job. 

You should apply if you are able to:

  • Work from home, including around other commitments and have a reliable internet connection.

  • Have tough conversations with people in an authentic way.

  • Offer advice to people who are burnout or suffering, especially if they have been terminated or made redundant.

  • Develop longstanding professional relationships with clients to support them throughout their careers. This includes knowing the truth of their situation to support them in making life-changing decisions. 

  • Naturally align with a level of professionalism, intelligence, agile thinking and act with full integrity.

  • Be a natural ‘influencer’ - easy for you to connect with others, be compassionate, and communicate clearly. 

Lastly, if others describe you as having a strong work ethic, highly driven and self-motivated, we want to hear from you! 

If this sounds like The Perfect Job for you, we look forward to being your coaches, giving you constructive feedback and helping you to achieve great results for you, your family and, of course, the clients! 

If you would like to learn how to help job seekers secure their dream job so you can join in their success and,

🗸 Have a job you love
🗸 Work from home
🗸 Enjoy a healthy work/life balance
🗸 Earn a substantial income, despite working flexible hours
🗸 Find financial freedom that's been waiting for you all this time.

You can start today by clicking the Enroll  button below.

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